Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jewelry is better than embellished clothing

Embellished clothing makes no sense. The people in marketing will tell you it makes perfect sense, citing the fact that you don't have to wear jewelry, as if that is so much of a burden. Truth is, embellished clothing is a waste of money. It is a trend, and you won't be wearing it two years from now because it will look so 2008. Cash down the drain.

Another thing is, for women, it is a thrill to wear jewelry! It is a pleasure to select and adorn oneself with metal and stones and whatever. It is seductive to hear the jingle of bangles on your wrist, to feel the slip of a chain against your collarbone, the dangle of a pendant inside your cleavage.

Rock on with your jewelry. I love jewelry and that's the whole reason I started making it.

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