Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixing Metals is a Good Thing

Alot of people ask me:  Is it okay to wear silver with gold?  Is it okay to wear more than one kind of metal at a time?  And my answer to both those questions is YES!  Actually, I prefer to see different metals and textures worn together.  It's visually stimulating and much more interesting.  

In fact, one of my least favourite looks is loads of jewelry just piled on, especially alot of shiny metals.  It's very mainstream and usually creates visual overload.   The only exception to this is thin silver bangles, which look wonderful in the summer piled onto a tanned wrist.

Be creative and inventive with your jewelry, and when you're not sure if it looks good, try it anyway.  I know it doesn't seem terribly important in the grand scheme of things, but remember:  little changes lead to big changes.

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